What does "Castile" mean?
Castile soap derives from the Castile region of Spain, where vegetable oil based soap were made. These were typically made from Olive Oil and made in a traditional way. All our soap is made from vegetable oil-based. Potassium hydroxide to saponify the vegetable oils just how it traditionally has been for centuries. 

Is EcoSoapia better than conventional soap for the environment?
Definitely as EcoSoapia does not use conventional synthetic detergents. The runoff that goes into our streams and reservoirs is biodegradable and vegetable base so it does not have a impact on the environment.

Is EcoSoapia better to use on your skin?
Your skin is your biggest organ so it is important that you put pure and simple products on it. If your ingredients of the soap that you are using resembles a chemistry experiment it is best to replace it. EcoSoapia is a traditional soap maker so it means that we don't use Surfactants, Parabens, Preservatives, Artificial Fragrances, Artificial Colour and SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. Just like the food you eat everything is absorbed into your system so using a natural product like EcoSoapia is good for healthy living.

Does EcoSoapia contain any animal ingredients?
Absolutely not. In fact, EcoSoapia is approved by the Vegetarian Society.

Does EcoSoapia test its products on animals?
EcoSoapia has a strong view on this. It is unnecessary to test anything on Animals. We are waiting to get our latest certificate from Cruelty Free as our latest certificate is now expired.

Is EcoSoapia organic?
EcoSoapia is organic. In fact it used the Soil Association to certify the product as it has the strictest standards in the world. The term organic means the products are produced using sustainable farming practices. This means that the products don’t use any chemical pesticides or insecticides or unethical genetically modified production. The standard is very strict and much stricter than the organic standards that you have in America for example.

I have used other castile soap before and I found it drying on my skin is EcoSoapia the same?
Not at all in fact EcoSoapia passed hypoallergenic testing by Allergy UK and is really popular for eczema and psoriasis sufferers because of its extremely high vegetable oil content. Many people say that once they try EcoSoapia there is no other soap that comes close. We are exceptionally proud of this as 3rd generation soap producers.

How can I use EcoSoapia?
First soak your body In the bath or shower. Then apply EcoSoapia into hands, cloth or loofah and lather all over allowing EcoSoapia to wash away the dust of everyday life. Rinse off and give yourself a minute to appreciate the silky smooth sensation.

Can you use EcoSoapia on your hands?
Indeed, hand washing is really important these days to keep infections away.

Can I buy EcoSoapia in big containers for commercial purposes or little bottles for hotels?
We can produce EcoSoapia in both small bottles and larger containers for commercial purposes.

What is the shelf life for EcoSoapia?
The shelf life is 2 years but once it has been opened it is good for 12 months.

What kind of fragrance do EcoSoapia use in their products?
EcoSoapia uses no chemical or synthetic fragrances. In fact all the fragrance is derived from organic cold pressed essential oils. We use this at an extremely high concentration higher than any of our competitors. This is very expensive way of production but the feel good value is worth it for our customers satisfaction.

Are you looking to sell EcoSoapia in shops?
EcoSoapia is looking for selective shops to sell its products. We take pride in our product both athletically and in its wonderful formula. We like to work with like minded companies that care about their customer as much as we do.

Are you looking to export EcoSoapia?
We are looking for the right partners to help us to spread our beautiful formulation and message to earthlings all over the world. We will check every one to make sure that their philosophy is at one with nature, animals and treating our brothers and sisters with respect!

Are you looking to develop more products?
Fortunately we have lots of formulations that we own, some of them formulated by my grandfather in the 1930’s that we want to bring out. These formulations are balanced, natural and extremely satisfying so we want everyone to benefit from them. Rome wasn't built in a day so we aim to do this slowly and carefully.