ECOSOAPIA has already proved to be a huge hit with celebrities and the general public alike. Here are just some of their comments.... 

Donna Air – ‘I love the new Ecosoapia range of organic soaps – they’re totally organic, look gorgeous, not full of nasties, so not only perfect for me but all the little ones too, as it is not only safe for them to use but it is kind to the environment’.

Stephanie Tillman – ‘good texture and lathered well. Hands felt soft after use.’

Marc Isaacs – ‘my skin feels softer.’

Zeina Hurst – ‘smells lovely for a natural safe product.’

Marcelle Dowek – ‘Left skin feeling soft and no irritation after use. I would use it daily as no reaction.’

Sacha Anselm – ‘soft gentle and cleansing.’

Richard Lever –‘Gentle on skin and I even used it for shaving without skin sensitivity. I would recommend this product to others who are careful about what soap products they use on their skin.’

Meg Mathews –  'I absolutely love the new organic Ecosoapia body wash range - as well as giving me the peace of mind of containing only natural, organic and harmless ingredients, the pretty soaps really clean and nourish my skin. Using them also makes me feel as though I'm helping the environment as money from profits goes straight to helping conserve the rainforests'

Katie Fowler – ‘Lovely fragrance.’

Linda Lewis – ‘It has been good for my skin.’

Amanda Stavri – ‘very gentle on skin and a pleasure to use. I really liked it - consistency was good and I felt really clean and fresh after I’d used it and left a lovely smell.’

Keren Clement – ‘Made my skin feel soft and fresh.’

Zeina Hurst – ‘Because of the thickness of the soap I felt that it really made a difference to the softness of my skin.’

Bernadette Keogh –‘The thickness of the soap produced a good lather and the fragrance of the eucalyptis oil was very subtle. The packaging simple and attractive.

Shelley Gilbert – ‘felt satisfied to use a pure product, free from artificial fragrances and not tested on animals. Excellent product, well packaged.’

Lois Camberg – ‘skin not irritated’

Matthew Frankel – ‘some soaps irritate my psoriasis but this was great. Very gentle but still good cleaning properties. Very gentle on the skin and environment.’

Victoria Green – ‘The eucalyptus is wonderful.’

Emma Cohen – ‘when washing it left a kind of film on the skin which was very soft.’